Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Haters Cannot Change Your Destiny!

A great man once said: 

"Destiny is not a matter of chance, but of choice. Not something to be wished for but to be attained." 

Shina Peters also once sang in his native Yoruba: 

"Aye o le pa kadara da. Won kan le fa owo ago pada si eyin ni." 

Contextual Translation: 
"Haters cannot change a person's destiny. They can only turn the hands of the clock back i.e slow him/her down." 

[NB: This write-up is here temporarily. Once I finish work on my real website (with regard to developments described HERE - click to read), it will be relocated to my hosted Wordpress SD Nuggets blog.] 

This afternoon, I had a chat session with my current web hosts about the issues with my primary domain now locked off by my former host, 

From the feedback Hostgator have given me, it's obvious there's lots of work I have to do, to modify my hosting account and entire website content to work with a different domain name I have control over. 

I'm now awaiting a quote from them, for the configuration that may be needed. 

I am also still pursuing a response from to my request that they supply at least the name on the credit card they claim the charge back happened on. 

But even if I get the domain freed, I will still carry out my plan to NOT use as my primary domain anymore, until it's no longer with 

These unexpected developments, and the new plans I just began implementing now make it apparent to me that it's unlikely I'll be able to find the time, and resources, to really do what is needed to honour an invitation I got (along with a professional colleague) to attend an event for public speakers in the USA in June 2014. 

I'd intended my new marketing plan targeting Farm CEOs with speaking and coaching solution to serve as the "driver" towards achieving that goal. 

But the current realities now make it obvious that my prorities need to change. 

And so tonight I begin a long overdue process of re-inventing my massive library of web content, based on my personal brand. got renewed using my reseller account for a second year today at $9.99 US dollars. 

If the GT Bank Naira Mastercard I used had been accepted by the payment processing system at, I would easily have renewed by myself. Instead I have to depend on friends or relatives based abroad to use their cards on my behalf to pay Aplus, and hostgator. Very awkward and sometimes humiliating. 

If I'd been able to pay with my own card, this ridiculous excuse they've used to lock down my primary domain may not have worked. 

But then again, I've been conflicted for months about how to make lead people to my content online via search engines. at over 8 years old had always looked too big to replace. 

And yet I knew my goal of using speaking and coaching to promote my offers in my travels, would benefit much more from use of 

As luck would have it, those aiming to hurt me have inadvertently helped me. Now I'm taking the excuse of this situation, to carryout the long overdue re-purposing of the web content I've been creating since 2005.

I'm going to really enjoy using this as an object lesson to the haters who foolishly keep thinking they can stop me. 

Shina Peters' words of wisdom reproduced above, accurately captures my message here. 

Let me quote him again: 

"Aye o le pa kadara da. Won kan le fa owo ago pada si eyin ni." 


"Haters cannot change a person's destiny. They can only turn the hands of the clock back i.e slow him/her down." 

From tomorrow I launch a temporary alternative platform to publish my new DAILY content, while I work on the changes to my site. I estimate it might take most of this month of May 2014 to finish. 

There's lots to be done, but I intend to continue my online publishing as normal. 

So here we go! 

Information About Me...

My name is Tayo K. SolagbadeI am the owner of the SD Nuggets blog on my website: 

I created this alternative blog account a year ago after it occurred to me that I might need a temporary holding place for my DAILY blog content publishing in the event of another attack (they've been quite many over the past 9 years!) on my website:

The events of the past 3 days - regarding my domain ( being taken offline by - my former hosts - under unfair circumstances - explain why I'm now publishing this post here, instead of my SD Nuggets blog on my website. 

I now aim to MOVE all my content to a new hosting platform that allows me to pay for renewals of my domain and hosting without having to depend on 3rd parties in future. As it so happens, my reseller account with perfectly positions me to do just that. 

By the time my 9 year's worth of content is moved to, I will be able to say GOODBYE to I realize the massive Google visibility that domain has earned in almost one decade will affect me - but if truth be told, 12 months ago, that domain did not enjoy even one quarter of the rating it has today. 

The brand has grown tremendously in less than 12 months following my relocating to Benin Republic where I've been able to focus almost 100% of using my content marketing to boost my online brand. 

I did it before, and I'm prepared to do it again, this time using a domain that no one can use trickery to STEAL from me, or sabotage. I invite both haters and fair minded people to stay tuned!

NB: See links to posts I made on Facebook below with details...

1. This was my first public post on the development.

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There'll be more - until the matter is resolved.

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