Sunday, May 11, 2014 is now online (to replace

And so is now online and I'm rapidly moving ALL my webcontent into the new hosting space from the hosting space linked to

Once the site is fully up and running, I'll pos an update here. 

You will be able to explore the offers I make on this website. Over a decade of authentic real world experiences will be at your disposal. 

If nothing else, take up my offer to give a FREE talk at your next event. Invite me to speak to members of your team or group.

NB: The SD Nuggets blog is also already taking shape at

Stay tuned :-))

Information About Me...

My name is Tayo K. SolagbadeI am the owner of the SD Nuggets blog on my website: 

I created this alternative blog account a year ago after it occurred to me that I might need a temporary holding place for my DAILY blog content publishing in the event of another attack (they've been quite many over the past 9 years!) on my website:

The events of the past 3 days - regarding my domain ( being taken offline by - my former hosts - under unfair circumstances - explain why I'm now publishing this post here, instead of my SD Nuggets blog on my website. 

I now aim to MOVE all my content to a new hosting platform that allows me to pay for renewals of my domain and hosting without having to depend on 3rd parties in future. As it so happens, my reseller account with perfectly positions me to do just that. 

By the time my 9 year's worth of content is moved to, I will be able to say GOODBYE to I realize the massive Google visibility that domain has earned in almost one decade will affect me - but if truth be told, 12 months ago, that domain did not enjoy even one quarter of the rating it has today. 

The brand has grown tremendously in less than 12 months following my relocating to Benin Republic where I've been able to focus almost 100% of using my content marketing to boost my online brand. 

I did it before, and I'm prepared to do it again, this time using a domain that no one can use trickery to STEAL from me, or sabotage. I invite both haters and fair minded people to stay tuned!

NB: See links to posts I made on Facebook below with details...

1. This was my first public post on the development.

2. Here's the follow up I did

There'll be more - until the matter is resolved.

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